Tuesday, February 21, 2006

disable recursion in Bind

I just noticed that my dns server was being used as a caching dns server for some random host.  In my log files, I was seeing ANY queries for x.h.ctrc.cc.  When I looked at the cache, this was for some encoded data.

Using the documentation on this page, I was able to fix this problem.  The way that I fixed this was to add the following to the options section:

// version statement for security to avoid
// hacking known weaknesses

version "get lost";

// optional - disables all transfers -
// slaves allowed in zone clauses

allow-transfer {"none";};

// optional - disable all recursive queries

allow-recursion {"none";};

recursion no;

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  1. where I can change these parameters? which is the config file for this change?

  2. This is in named.conf or any of the domain specific files

  3. Yes, it was /etc/named.conf
    thank you


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