Thursday, November 17, 2005

Video over IP

Ever since I had to change one of the the RG6 cables coming into our living room, from a satellite feed be used for the ATSC antenna, I have been trying to figure out how I can use the other TiVo, without bringing  another drop to the room.  I have been thinking about getting a device that would send the audio and video signal over TCP/IP.  I want to put the DIRECTV receiver near the multiswitch, and then send the video signal over a ethernet cable.

I saw these products that are Cat-5 based video distribution systems.  Unfortunately, these don't say that they use TCP/IP.  I assume that they send analog signals over the 8 wires of the Cat-5 cable.

The thing that would be the closest to what I want is the Slingbox.  But in addition to the Slingbox that connects to a video source, it would be great if they made a different device that plays the video.  Instead of using a Windows PC, this device would connect to the Slingbox device and auto negotiate the best bitrate.  On a home network, it should be possible for this bitrate to be pretty high.

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  1. Hi, I'm reading this article in the future. i.e. 3 years after you've written it. (Sorry, I just got done watching Lost.. so I'm in that frame of mind.) In any case, after all these years, surely you have come across a device or technology of which you described in this post? I ask because I too am looking for something like this... I'd like to have a way to "beam" my laptop's video signal over to my TV.. either over Wifi or Ethernet. Is it even possible?

  2. The SlingCatcher will do what you want. It will play the video content that is connected to a SlingBox. In addition to that, it will also play web content.


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