Thursday, November 17, 2005

Video over IP

Ever since I had to change one of the the RG6 cables coming into our living room, from a satellite feed be used for the ATSC antenna, I have been trying to figure out how I can use the other TiVo, without bringing  another drop to the room.  I have been thinking about getting a device that would send the audio and video signal over TCP/IP.  I want to put the DIRECTV receiver near the multiswitch, and then send the video signal over a ethernet cable.

I saw these products that are Cat-5 based video distribution systems.  Unfortunately, these don't say that they use TCP/IP.  I assume that they send analog signals over the 8 wires of the Cat-5 cable.

The thing that would be the closest to what I want is the Slingbox.  But in addition to the Slingbox that connects to a video source, it would be great if they made a different device that plays the video.  Instead of using a Windows PC, this device would connect to the Slingbox device and auto negotiate the best bitrate.  On a home network, it should be possible for this bitrate to be pretty high.

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