Thursday, November 10, 2005

Using Wi-Fi at Willy's

In a previous post, I mention that Armadillo Willy's has Wi-Fi Internet access.  I thought that it was pretty silly to mix computers and barbeque.  But here I am eating my chopped briscit, while using my laptop.

My wife is out of town for a couple of days, so I am home watching the kids.  The babysitter came over for a few hours, so I am taking this opportunity to check my work email.  Bit since I was pretty hungry, I didn't want to just go to Starbucks to use the network access there.

One thing that is pretty cool is that the network access is free, which is better than Starbucks charging for their network access through T-Mobile.  From the ip address, it looks like this restaurant just has a dsl line, and two access points.  One of them doesn't have a password on the network, while the other one does.  Since they are using SBC for internet access, I wonder how they got around the SBC's policy that you will not share the network connection.

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