Monday, November 28, 2005

Apple Mail and dialup

Over Thanksgiving, we were staying in a condo that did not have high speed network access, so I was using dialup to access the network.

I have configured Mail to get my mail with IMAP.  The main reason that I did this is because I want to leave my mail on the server, so I can check it with different clients.  Another benefit of IMAP is that that clients can only download the headers instead of downloading the whole message.

It sees that Apple's implementation is pretty poor when it comes to IMAP. Here are the probelems that I have seen:

  1. All messages are downloaded from all folders, even for the folder that aren't being viewed.

  2. When a message is deleted Mail causes all of the messages in the Trash folder to be redownloaded.  (Even when not viewing the Trash folder)

  3. When viewing a message that has image atachements, they are downloaded automatically.  (This should be treated like the included images from web urls.  Only the html or text mime parts should be downloaded automatically.)

The first two problems are probably causes because of Spotlight.  Apple's Mail is trying to index every messages.  In order to do this it has to download every message.

The other problem, I think is just laziness in programming.  Mail already does this for non-image attachments.  Also, Mail also already has a UI that allows the user to load the included images

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