Monday, June 6, 2005

Reprogramming X10 light switch

12073WbigFor some reason, our KeypadLinc X-10 light switch got reset to the default settings, so I decided to reprogram it with some buttons that would be easier to use.  Since it has 6 buttons on it, and I only need to control 3 lights, I decided to configure it so that each light would have two buttons to control it, one to dim and one to brighten. 

This works fine for the light that is directly connected to the switch, but it doesn't work as I expect for the remote lights.  I wanted to program the buttons so that pressing and holding the buttons would continue to send the dim/brighten commands.  But it looks like for remote lights, if you use the non-toggle mode to send a bright or dim, the commands do not repeat.

Right now I am using the non-toggle mode to send either a on/off command.  I may try changing the buttons to send the on/off in the toggle mode.  In this mode pressing and holding the button will cause the dim and brighten commands to be sent.  The one downside is that it may be more confusing because the on and off buttons do the same thing in toggle mode. (Pressing once will turn the light on, pressing twice will turn it off.)

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