Friday, June 17, 2005

IP addressable devices

I don't know what is it about them, but I like the concept of ip addressable devices.  The June 2005 issue of Sound & Vision, has an interesting article on these devices.  It actually mentions some great sounding devices.

NetStreams has IP-Based audio streaming technology.  This allows you to have an audio system that has unlimited amount of zones.  In fact, Polk has a speaker line that uses NetStreams' technology.  Their LCi-p line will play the streams that are broadcast in the NetStreams format.  The speakers also include a DSP to make music sound better for their location.  These speakers will not be inexpensive.  The will run for $2000 - $3500 per pair.

I really like the concept of ip addressable devices for mainly two reasons:

  1. Allow data to be shared among the different devices.

  2. Get more use out of my broadband connection.

Here is a map of my home network.

Network Wiring Diagram

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