Monday, June 27, 2005

DVD jammed in changer

B00008A5Ww.01. Sclzzzzzzz This weekend, I put some DVDs that I got for Father's Day into our Sony DVP-CX875P DVD changer, and then I pressed the Load button.  While it was going through the DVDs, loading the information off the discs two DVDs got stuck in the center where the discs are read.  After this happened, when the carousel rotated, they rubbed on the stuck DVDs, and they were pushed off the carousel.

I decided to take the top of the changer, and remove all of the DVDs that had been knocked off of the carousel, and remove the two jammed discs.  This seem worked, and now it is working again.  But this made me think that if this dies, I may want to get one of the hard disk based video players.

I would use this in a similar manner that I treat my music.  When I buy a new DVD, I would want to insert it into a drive in this device, where a disk image is made from it.  This disk image would be stored on a large hard drive, and at this point I could put the DVD away.  When I would want to play a movie, I would just have to select it from a graphical interface.  Since this would not be stripping the CSS, I don't think that it would be going against the DCMA.

2622953428563618It sounds like Kaleidescape makes a similar device, but they were sued by the DVD Copy Control Association.  I don't know what the outcome of that lawsuit is.  The real problem with he Kaleidescape system is the price.  It looks like the base product starts at $22,500. (A little out of my price range.)

Also, If you decide to removed the cover of your Sony DVD changer, make sure you either unplug it or you don't touch the metal plate on the right side of the device when the cover is off.  You will get a shock.

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