Thursday, February 17, 2005

pLog plugin to validate trackbacks

In my last post, I described some ways to prevent spam trackbacks. I wrote a plugin for pLog 1.0 that implements the first suggestions

When this plugin is installed, and a trackback is received, the plugin downloads the contents of the html pointed at by the url, and looks for a trackback url. If it isn't able to download the html or is not able to find a trackback url, the trackback is deleted.

The plugin can be downloaded here. This currently requires the changes to pLog listed in this bug report. This plugin requires pLog 1.0.

Update: The latest revision of pLog 1.0 in the repository has these changes made.


  1. Hello, I am using your plugin. Thank's for it.

  2. We are using this over at but we seem to suffer from trackback spam linking to poker sites, and some days each blogger seems to get dozens of such spam, any suggestions on how we can prevent this? It's very annoying!


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