Friday, February 25, 2005

GMRS FCC license

Sjgreatdeals101 1832 229107679A couple of days ago, I received a free GMRS radio set that I signed up for when I completed the Great Fun offer on I have thought that a Personal Radio system would be great to use when we go camping.

When I received the package, I realized that an FCC license is required to use the GMRS bands. The FCC makes getting a license very easy. You can just go to the General Mobile Radio Service page to get a license.


  1. I've read that they are suprised when someone applies. I hope you didn't turn them on before you were licensed. I wouldn't want the radio cops after you.

  2. The GMRS license is what, $75 for 5 lousy years? The ham radio license is practically free, and in some cases IS free, if you go to the right testing location. The FCC itself doesn't charge for it, but allows the testing coordinators to recoup expenses. Mine was $8. And you don't have to pay any more money ever, unless you want a vanity callsign (like a vanity license plate).


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