Thursday, February 3, 2005

Gran Turisimo web site

A few days ago, Autoblog mentioned the web site for Gran Turismo 4. This looks like a great game, and an improvement over Gran Turismo 3.

The animated spectators during the rally races look great, but the feature that I am looking forward to most is the Network play. The web site currently states that it is LAN, but I am hoping that they will extend it to Internet play


  1. They already said that they aren't supporting internet play -- it was originally a feature of GT4, but not anymore.
    With that, I've basically written off the series as not interesting. If you're looking for a good, fun racing game, check out Burnout 3. Its not a "simulation" like GT4, but its lots of good fun, and doesn't take the sort of time investment that GT4 will.

  2. Maybe we could all get our WRT54GS's to hook up over OpenVPN and play "networked" on the "LAN" that way. That would be a nice trick.

  3. I love that game! If only I had a system to play it...


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