Sunday, January 9, 2005

Sling Media's slingbox

Sling-LogoPVRblog mentions that Sling Media just announced their slingbox at CES. They say that the slingbox is a "placeshifter", instead of the "timeshifter" like a PVR. It is a pretty interesting idea. Supposedly this will stream video anywhere that you want

The slingbox has and video input and an ethernet jack. It digitizes the video and streams it across the network. Supposedly it can compress the video so it can be streamed out on most broadband connections.

Also this has an ir blaster, so you can control your devices remotely. Supposedly you can use this behind a network that uses nat, so I assume that Sling Media will be setting up a service for you to get access to your video, since most firewalls do not allow incoming connections. I assume that the slingbox is using mpeg 4 to encode the video.


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