Tuesday, January 4, 2005

pLog blocking spam comments

Last week, I got a spam comment that included a bunch of urls. I told pLog that this comment was spam, and it trained its Bayesian engine on it.

Today I got a couple more attempts to post spam comments, and they were all blocked.

I am pretty impressed with pLog's implementation of it's Bayesian anti-spam filter. It actually uses the posts that the author makes for training as not-spam. This is great because normally comments are related to the content of a blog and, at least on this blog, there are a lot more posts than comments.

1 comment:

  1. I've build what I thought was a good idea - a blog environment for my students using pLog. Only that my sample blog - just me - is getting hammered with blog spam. What am I to do?
    Does the Bayesian filter really work? I keep getting hit with the same spam. I want to address this b/f I roll it out with my students. Help!
    You can check it out at:
    TechKid.org and click on TechKid Blog


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