Thursday, January 20, 2005

Back to DSL

I really liked as an ISP. When the connection was up, it was great. 1Mbs symmetric each way, great customer service. The problem was that they were having problems with the hardware in the tower. This has continued for several months. There were problems when the connection would just drop, or the latency got too bad to handle VoIP.

I have decided to go back to DSL. Instead of going with SBC, I decided to go with Speakeasy.

I used to have DSL with them and I really liked them. This installation went pretty easily, and the only problem that I had was when I had a phone connected to the phone line without a DSL filter. Once I fixed that, I started getting speeds of 3.5Mbs/500kbs.

The upload speed is a little slower than the fixed point wireless, but with the QoS in my router, I shouldn't have any problems with the speed.

Speakeasy also has a referral program. If you are interested in getting DSL with a great company, check out this out. (I will get a referral if you sign up.)

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