Sunday, December 5, 2004

Replacement mirrors

This weekend, I replaced the left and right mirrors on our 1993 Sentra. m3 mirror evoThese mirrors have LED turn signals on them. I bought them on ebay for $10, so I figured that even if they didn't work, I wouldn't be out much.

Installation took longer than I expected, but I have finished the majority of the work.

Here are the problems that I encountered:

  1. The instructions listed in the Haynes manual for removing the mirror just say that you have to pry off the cover, but in fact the whole door panel has to be removed.

  2. The mounting hardware for the 1993 Sentra, do not have threaded screw holes. I ended up cutting the head off of 6 #8-32 bolts, and then epoxying them into the screw holes. Then I used nuts and washers to affix it to the car

  3. The mounting hardware does not exactly match the contours of the car. So you can see a little gap in between the mounting hardware and the car.

  4. The instructions were in Japanese, so I had to figure out the wiring connections for the mirror motors myself.

  5. I tried to connect the turn signals to the turn signal switch in the dash, but it seemed like it was too much work. I ended up running the power line to the rear turn signal light. I only had enough wire to do the left side. I will do the right side soon.

  6. Since I only have a 1 car garage, I am not able to open my doors all of the way. So I was not able to insert the wires back into the cabin with the other wire conduit.

  7. The motors in these mirrors are wired differently than the Nissan mirrors. At some point, I will open up the mirrors, and change the polarity of the mirrors.

Wiring connections for mirror:

Right mirrorCar Wiring Harness

Left MirrorCar Wiring Harness

I will post pictures soon.I have posted an album here.

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