Friday, December 17, 2004

Delphi SkyFi2

Skyfi 2In my previous post, I was wondering if the Delphi SkyFi2 would work with all of the original SkyFi components. From Delphi's product page, it looks like it is completely backwards compatible with all of the old accessories

The one feature that it looks like it has, that I really liked in the XM Commander, is the ability to be notified when a selected song airs. On the XM Commander, this occurred even when the song was airing on a different channel than what was tuned to.

Update: The notification feature of the XM Commander worked in the following way: When you were listening to a station, and a song that you liked came on, you would press and hold the select button. This would store the artist name and song name for the song. Then when you were listening to the radio, and a previously marked song came was being broadcast, the radio would beep, and a message would be displayed on the screen. If you pressed the select button while this message was on the display, the radio would change the channel so you would hear the marked song.

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  1. Can you explain how the notification feature works? Do you press something when you like a song to be notified of a future airing? That sounds cool... be very slick if it recorded it the next time so you could choose to continue listening to whatever it was that wasn't that channel.


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