Sunday, December 26, 2004


For Christmas we got a lot of DVDs (Baby Einstein 15 DVD collection), and last night I wanted to enter them into the application that I use to manage our DVD collection. During the process of entering the DVDs, the application started crashing. So, I decided to find a different one. DVDAttache is the best one that I have found.

DVDAttache is a Java and Swing application that permits you to organize your DVD collection. It will pull information for DVDs from Amazon or IMDB.

It also exports the collection as html pages. Here is the html export for my collection.

Since it is written in Java, it will also run on Windows or any other platform that has Java and Swing available, in addition to Mac OS X.

The one thing that I wish applications of this type would be a standard file format for exporting media libraries. For example, rss aggregators export/import OPML files. Maybe this should be exported as an OPML file.

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