Friday, September 17, 2004

XM Audio Component

Polk XM
I was looking into getting a component XM Radio, and I only found one. Polk is coming out with their XRt12 tuner, wich is an A/V component that plays XM radio. This is advertised as a high end device.

I am not sure that this is worth the $329.95 price. I am not sure about how good the quality will be, especially since the source audio is inherently low quality (MPEG). This would just the same a playing an MP3 on a high end audio system.

I think that a better solution would be to buy a Delphi SkyFi Receiver with TOSLINK Digital Output,
especially since you can get this for $149.99. I would assume that
this would have the same sound quality as the Polk system, especially
since I assume that the MPEG decoders are comparible.

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