Friday, February 17, 2023

Rain-proof your security cameras: Lessons learned from our Unifi G4 Instant camera malfunction

We installed an Unifi G4 Instant camera to monitor our backyard, but running an ethernet cable was not feasible, so we relied on wifi instead. Since the camera was meant for outdoor use, it was designed to be weatherproofed with an IPX5 rating.

However, due to heavy rainfall over the past few months, two of our cameras stopped working. The first camera stopped working after a major rain, and we got a replacement. But after another round of rainfall, the second camera also stopped working. We discovered that the problem was not with the camera itself, as it worked fine with a different USB adapter and cable. It appears that the USB adapter that came with the camera was not weatherproof like the camera, which caused it to malfunction.

To solve the issue, we plan to use a waterproof box to protect the adapter and cable from water damage. We will look for a weatherproofed adapter and cable that can be used with the camera in the future to ensure it continues to function properly, even during heavy rainfall.

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