Monday, December 20, 2010


DoggCatcher is a very good podcast application for Android.  DoggCatcher supports audio and video feeds, as well as limited support for rss items that don't have enclosures. There are some features that make DoggCatcher a pretty good podcast application:

  1. You can browse several directories of podcasts, from with the application.

  2. Search for feeds

  3. Configure fetch and deletion settings globally, or for each feed.

  4. Configure download options to conserve battery usage.

The one feature that I would like to see added is to have queue of file that is manually managed.  I would like to be able to manually add content to a list, and be able to manage the playback order.


  1. Oh, I think I get it now. I now have a Nexus S, and Listen is totally crashing and ANR'ing all the time, any time I try to refresh any feeds. The exact same version on my Nexus One was just fine, so I'm suspecting this is a Gingerbread issue.

    So, I'm looking around for a new podcasting app as well. Are you still happy with DoggCatcher?

  2. I am pretty happy with DoggCatcher. Especially since the developer is actively putting out updates


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