Monday, March 29, 2010

Moved to hosted WordPress

I have decided to move my blogs to Godaddy's host that comes with WordPress preinstalled/preconfigured.  Management is very easy, and I am now able to use WordPress' built in plugin update mechanism.  Also, Godaddy will manage update the WordPress install.

I was easily able to export the posts from my the WordPress installations on my Virtual Private Server, and import them into the new installation.  I was able to test the new setup, before changing my DNS records, so I was able to make sure everything was working before I made the switch.  

For this blog, I didn't move over the mod_rewrite rules that I had setup to make sure the resources from my previous LifeType install would work.  So older posts will have missing pictures/resources.

One thing that I am going to keep an eye on is the reliability of the service.  About a day after I moved my blogs over, Godaddy's WordPress hosting servers had a configuration problem, where connections weren't being made to the database.  When this problem was happening, my Virtual Private Server was running fine.  If this problem happens a lot, I will move back to my server.

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