Monday, June 1, 2009

Time Machine backup on HP MediaSmart

HP just released the support for allowing Mac OS X computers to back up to the older models of HP MediaSmart Windows Home Servers.  I installed this, so I can back up our Mac mini to our server.  I have been using an external USB drive, but this would enable me to stop using that drive as a backup for the Mac mini, but instead, I can use that drive as a removable backup drive for the server itself.

The setup on the server was very straight forward.  All I had to do was create a share named "Mac", and I didn't have to give any user write permissions to it.

Then on the Mac, I installed the HP MediaSmart software.  After a reboot, when I launched the software, it asked for the server name and adminstrator passowrd.  Once those were configured, I clicked on the Backup tab.  This is where I had some problems.

The software suggests a size for a backup partition that is about the same size as the boot drive on the Mac.  The Mac software creates a disk image in the "Mac" share, with a name containing the serial number of the Mac that is running the software.  This allows multiple computers to be backed up to the same server. When I tried to create this backup partition it kept failing that there wasn't enough space, even though there was plenty on the server.  I could get it to work, if I specified a very small partition size.  But when when I specified a size that would be big enough to backup the whole mac, it would fail with the same error.

I found that I was able to get this to work by turning off Folder Duplication.  Once I did that the disk image was able to be created.  Then I was able to enable Folder Duplication.  I have been able to backup the Mac mini to the server with no problem.