Monday, June 1, 2009

HP Online Backup

When HP made the Mac OS X's Time Machine support available for owners of the MediaSmart ex47x servers, they also make online backup available.  HP's Online Backup is a backup solution that is based upon Amazon's S3.

With HP Online Backup, you select which of the shares on the server should be backed up, and you can also setup a schedule for when backup occurs.  This is pretty much the same functionality that the Jungle Disk Windows Home Server add-in has.

I have configured this to backup our photo share.  I wouldn't want to lose our photo collection even if we had a catastrophic failure at home.

There are some things that I would love to see in a future version:

  1. Ability to specify a upload bandwidth limit.  I don't want a backup to affect our other network usage.

  2. Ability to specify a different Amazon S3 encryption key.  I assume that this is currently using my S3 secret as a encryption key

  3. Be able to include/exclude directories from within a share from a backup.

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