Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I have been trying to get the Google Reader items that I share and the links that I add on, and post them to my blog once a day.  I wrote a rss plugin for LifeType that would create a post with the contents of an rss feed.  The problem is that I have not been able to generate a rss feed that only contains that last 24 hours of items. The problem is that the rss feed of shared items from Google Reader doesn't include the date/time that the item was shared. 

LoudTwitter is a service that will post the last 24 hours of your Twitter entries to a blog.  A while ago, FriendFeed added the ability to post to Twitter.  I have already configured my FriendFeed account with my Google Reader Shared item, and my account.

Setting up LoudTwitter was pretty easy.  I created a new user on my blog that LoudTwitter would use (that doesn't have as much prividledges as my normal account. Also I can disable the account if needed.)  It was able to post to my blog well.

I don't think that I will use this service.  The problem is that I want to limit the types of content that gets posted. I don't want to post random twitter post, but I do want to include links that I post on twitter.  Also, I don't want to include links to articles on the blog that LoudTwiter is posting to.  LoudTwitter does have the ability to limit content to those that include a #loudtwitter hash tag.  The problem with this is that, I can't control the text that Google Reader uses for the shared items.

I think that my ideal solution is that FriendFeed adds this functionality.  I imagine that they should do something like their integration with Twitter.  I should be able to select which services I would want included in the post.

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