Monday, March 16, 2009

Incredimail and IMAP

My grandmother uses Incredimail on her computers to check her email. She uses POP3, so when one computer downloads a mail message, it is not available on other computers. This causes a problem because, if instances of Incredimail are running on multiple computers at the same time, you don't know which computer has the email messages.

While I was down there, I figured I would switch the configuration to IMAP to help alleviate these problems. This is the situation where IMAP is supposed to work. I set up Incredimail to use IMAP, but the same behavior was happening.

It looks like Incredimail doesn't implement IMAP correctly. It doesn't synchronize the IMAP folders, but instead just downloads the messages, while leaving them on the server. I don't think that Incredimail should even state that it supports IMAP.


  1. Incredimail does not support IMAP but POP3 can be configured to leave a copy of emails on the server and only delete then after they are deleted on the user's machine.

  2. The problem is that other flags are not synchronized. For example, when a message is read on one computer it will not be marked as read on others.


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