Saturday, January 31, 2009


This post on Download Squad has a list of some sites and software for protecting your privacy.  The one that really interested me was LastPass.  LastPass is a web site where you can store your passwords for various web sites.  This allows you to have access to your passwords on various browsers/computers.

I did have concerns about hosting my passwords on an external site.  LastPass' implementation seems pretty secure.  Your passwords are encrypted before being sent to LastPass' servers.  When you log in to LastPass on a different computer, the encrypted passwords are downloaded to the browser.  Then when you want to access a password, a javascript decripts the password.  If the browser has the LastPass plugin installed, the decription happens in native code, instead of in Javascript.

One of the other benefits of LastPass, as compared to Firefox's password manager, is that the passwords are stored locally encrypted. Since LastPass works with any browser that supports Javascript and AJAX, it works great on my iPhone's browser.

I haven't explored all of the other features of LastPass yet, but so far, I like what I see.

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