Friday, January 2, 2009

Kodak EasyShare W1020

Kodak EasyShare W1020We bought a couple of of Kodak EasyShare W1020
picture frames for gifts.  These are 10" picture frames that can, in addition to displaying photos from memory cards, can display photos from flickr and KodakGallery. We wanted to use these frames as a way to share pictures with family members.

The initial setup of the frame was pretty straight forward.  Once you turned on the frame, it detected all of the wireless networks.  When you select one, and enter the password, it waits for a PC or Mac that has the Kodak software installed.  When you install it, you will be able to configure various channels.

The problem that I had was getting flickr to work.  The firmware that was initially installed has support for rss photos feeds.  I was never able to get any of the rss feeds from my sets to work.  But the built in flickr feeds worked fine.

I noticed that the frame tried to update its firmware, but the upgrade failed.  There isn't a menu option to manullay upgrade the firmware, so I just tried to power cycle it.  On the next boot the firmware upgrade was successful (version from 10/2008)

This version has a built in web server.  If you access the ip address of the frame with a web browser, you can configure various settings.  One of the tabs is a flickr tab.  On this page, you can associate your frame with your flickr account.  Once you do this, you are able to view all of the photos that you have access to.  But default it will show you your photostream, but you can access a different set or the photostream or any set, that you have access to, of your contacts.

With that ability, we are able to share all of the photos that we want.  After setting this up, we have decided to get one for ourselves.


  1. Thanks much for posting this. I am looking at getting this frame, and wanted details as to how exactly flickr was supported. I wasn't able to find this info on any other reviews, or on the kodak site. THANKS.

  2. I bought my W1020 in January, the firmware upgrade worked fine... after a couple months the frame started "rebooting" itself. I want to reapply the firmware to see if that will fix it, but as you stated no manual way to apply the firmware. No option in the Home>>Settings screen either :-(

    I am waiting on Kodak to see what they do.

  3. Hi,
    I have a very simple question:
    Can you set it in order that when you switch it on, it will automatically display a flickr feed?
    My grandma does need ZERO action.
    Do you know other frames that would simply do that?
    Many thx!

  4. This frame you need to configure it to display the flickr feed. We happened to be visiting the family members that we were giving it to, so we could set it up there. Since this is a wifi frame, someone would need to configure this for the particular wifi network

    The Ceiva picture frame may be more what you are looking for.

  5. Yes, once switched on, it can be makde to play your myframechannel (you can configre flikr there once)

  6. I've bought this frame (KODAK W1020). It really does well with KODAK and flickr sites but I have got a trouble: it doesn't normally do with media RSS! 1) It doesn't understand how long to show photos, 2) it doesn't understand what are mp3s (but it really plays mp3s from flash); 3) and so with other medias as avi etc. Where can I find such a firmware to fix these problems? Does anybody know how to fix them????????? I'll really take your help with pleasure.
    If smb knows any device that does well, send me e-mail to
    admin ___******___ Thank YOU!!!


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