Thursday, July 10, 2008

Parrot 3200-LS

Parrot 3200-LSSince is is now a requirement to use hands-free devices for use in cars, I started to look for a solution for our van.  I wanted to find something that would connect to the main headunit, where it would automatically mute the audio, to allow the call audio to be heard.  Also, I wanted the device, when installed, to look releatively stock. The Parrot 3200-LS looked like it would work perfectly.  

I had it installed a few weeks ago, and the install looks nice.  It was easy to configure with my Samsung iSCH-760.  On the Parrot, I went into the setting menu for pairing, and selected Windows CE, and the Parrot displayed a password.  Then on my phone, I searched for Bluetooth devices, and then selected the Parrot 3200-LS.  Once paired, the phone numbers on my phone automatically appeared on the Parrot 3200-LS, so I could select phone numbers directly from the Parrot's interface.

I didn't have as much luck with my wifes Palm 750wx.  I was able to pair just as easy as my iSCH-760, but none of the contacts appeared on the Parrot.  After doing some searching, I discovered that Windows Mobile 5 doesn't include support for syncing contacts with the Hands free profile.  I found JETware Hands-free extension for Windows Mobile that solves this problem.  Once I installed that the contacts appeared on the Parrot 3200-LS. In addition to contacts, the JETware extension allows phone battery status to appear on the screen.

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  1. That looks pretty neat ! I need to get something like that !


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