Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fix for java / Firefox 3 in Ubuntu 8.04

This post had the tip that fixed the problem that I was having using java in Firefox 3.  The fix was just to uninstall the icedtea-gcjwebplugin package.


  1. I just wanted to know if you are still working on your plugin Related Posts as there is a TODO statement on the lifetype wiki.
    I'd also like to know how you are generating this very nice tagcloud and blogroll.

  2. I am not actively working on the Related Posts plugin. The plugin starts to get very slow when you have a lot of posts, and the current plugin architecture doesn't allow for a better architecture.
    Take a look at this thread:
    The tagcloud is created with the tagcloud plugin:
    And the blog roll is with LifeType's built in support for links

  3. for your answer!
    I see.
    Imho, real tags in Lifetype were pretty cool.
    I also have to say that I love the plugins you have written so far!
    btw: I have also taken a look at the source of your site and saw that you have a meta tag with your geo position.
    Is this done via plugin or hardcoded? And what is this information good for?
    I am thinking about writing a plugin which lets you modify the meta tags for every single post you are writing. But I am not sure yet ...
    PS: Quoting in Comments would be cool too ;)


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