Friday, March 7, 2008

Problem with SqueezeBox / SqeezeNetwork

We have been having a problem with our SqueezeBox.  We normally leave it connected to SqueezeNetwork so we can listen to our Pandora station.  For the past couple of weeks whenever we attempt to play a station, we would get prompted to install a new firmware upgrade. 

Even though the install went successfully, the SqueezeBox keeps prompting to update the software again.  

I just noticed that Logitech released verion 7.0 of SqueezeCenter (which had been called SlimServer)  This version integrates the content that is available on SqueezeNetwork into the local server, so you don't have to switch servers.

Hopefully this will solve the firmware upgrade prompting. 


  1. What does this post say exactly? First you say you have a problem. Sounds similar to something I'm having. Then you just move into a statement that hopefully some new 7.0 version will magically fix something.

    How does this work? Where was the original problem? Do you have any clue as to what was/is happening? If so why not write something about it. If not, then just don't write anything as this is totally useless.

    I've never ranted about a blog post before but this one was too stupid to let go.

    Thanks for dragging me into your lame timesink


  2. This post clearly states what the problem was. (Our Squeezebox kept prompting to upgrade the firmware.)

    And, the following article that I wrote on the squeezebox stated what thet results of the upgrade was.

    All of these posts can be easily found by searching for Squeezebox.


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