Wednesday, March 19, 2008

OpenDNS and Verizon Wireless MMS

As soon as I got my Samsung SCH-i760, I configured the phone to use the DNS servers from OpenDNS.  Everything seemed to be working fine, and web browsing seemed faster.  A while later, I tried sending an MMS message, and it just didn't work, but an error messages was shown.

I finally, got around to tracking this down today.  It looks like Verizon uses a MMS server that has a host name that only resolves from inside the Verizon Wireless network.  So OpenDNS is not able to resolve this hostname.

Once I switched back to the default servers I was able to send picture messages again.


  1. Through time, I've found OpenDNS to be a fantastic pain more than a solution. It seemed like a great service at first, but all sorts of little things break when you have a DNS server handing back an IP for every lookup.
    When I try to unlock my work laptop at home, it tries to authenticate against a local LDAP server. This ends up timing out because it finds the LDAP server due to wildcard DNS, but it never responds, because it's not running LDAP. I had to wait for all of the retries to fail before I could get into my machine. Ugh.
    OpenDNS: Great on paper, bad in practice.

  2. The Verizon information is interesting to hear.
    @Thomas Stromberg -- typo exceptions in your OpenDNS Dashboard will solve your problem. VPNs that use split-level DNS are a pain.
    4 million customers and growing, with 5 billion DNS queries, helps demonstrate that OpenDNS is a great service for many, many people -- and we want to eliminate any barriers to usage.
    John Roberts

  3. I saw in another post that you were using Synergy at one time. Do you still use Synergy with OpenDNS? I'm having a problem getting them to work together, even with what I believe to be the correct typo exceptions in place...


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