Tuesday, February 26, 2008


To upload my photos to flickr. I have been trying to use flickr's tool, Flickr Uploadr.  This tool lets you drag photos to a window, to upload them.  You can use the tool to set keywords and permission settings when uploading.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that well.  Sometimes the transfer just stops, and the only indication is a little message in the lower left corner of the window that says "Bonk!".  Other times, there is a message that says something like "Houston we have a problem! There is a network problem....", but in this case the network connection is fine.

I stared to think that this could be caused because Comcast could be filtering some of this traffic, as I am uploading several GB of photos.  But then I decided to try a different application to do the uploading.  So I tried jUploadr.

jUploadr is a java application that has the same functionality as Flickr Uploadr.  But this applicaiton handles the transfers so much better.  In addition, it also uploads meta data for photo, so any title that you set on a photo in iPhoto, will be transferred to flickr when you drag the phots from flickr.

I have only found one problem.  If you start a transfer before all of the previews have been generated, it is possible that jUploadr will crash.  The problem happens when there is a file with an unsupported file type.  It looks like jUploadr creates an array for each of the files dragged in its window.  Then the thread that generates the previews will set the entry to NULL if it is an unsupported file type.  But it appears that the thread that actually performs the upload doesn't handle a NULL entry.

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