Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Disabled dynamic content plugins

I have disabled several of the plugins that I had installed on this blog.  The tagcloud and the related posts LifeType plugins creates some interesting views into this blog, but they take a long time to process when making new posts.

I will take a look at adding a background process to update this data, or changing the algorithm to be more effecient. 


  1. I don't use the related post plugin, but I do use the tagcloud. I haven't particularly noticed it being slow - do you notice it yourself, or have you just run tests, and see that is taking up a bunch of time?

  2. I noticed this slowdown when adding new entries. When I click on "Blog This", the data gets posted, but the browser just keeps waiting for the response. I think that the http connection times out. I could let the browser set for 20 minutes.
    I am sure that the problem is in the related post plugin. The problem here is that it uses a brute force algorithm. It gets the list of keywords for the give post, and then it uses the search engine to find the posts for each of those keywords. Then it ranks those posts.
    Ideally, LifeType would have native support for keywords/tags for posts. Then it should be easy to write a query to return a list of posts for the specfied tags.
    Or the other thing that we could do is have some background process that does this calculation.


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