Wednesday, April 4, 2007

One True Media and TiVo

I just tried the One True Media service.  One True Media lets you create and share videos from your photos or videos.  You can then share these videos in several ways:

  • html code to embed flash player on various sites

  • Share via email

  • Create a link to the video hosted on One True Media site

  • Send to a mobile phone

  • Share to a TiVo Channel

The last one is what I am interested in.  We have been sharing our videos with our family by either burning them on DVD or posting a copy on the web.  Sending the video to family members who have TiVo DVRs is a great way to share family videos.

When you share a One True Media on a TiVo Channel, you can send the recipients an email.  This email contains a code that they can enter in to subscribe to the TiVo Channel.

On Sunday, I uploaded a 25Mb video to One True Media, and then shared it to a TiVo Channel.  Then on my Series 3, I subscribed to that channel.  When I got home from work on Monday, the video had downloaded.

Unfortunately, the video that I had uploaded had been transcoded to a resolution for the web, so it didn't look that good when displayed on the TV.  The next time, I will upload a higher resolution video.

Here is a video demonstration of One True Media:

[via TiVo Blog, Zeigen]

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