Friday, January 5, 2007

SPF records for Google Apps

Today I was having a conversation about spf, and it reminded me that I haven't updated my spf record since moving to Google Apps for Your Domain.  Our mail could have been bounced since Google is is not listed as being authorized for sending mail for our domains.

This Google Help page describes what is needed to set this up.


  1. I haven't found SPF records to be that useful, and only run into places where they break stuff - where mail is forwarded through other servers.
    The SRS proposal fixes that, but it will take forever for that to be implemented on all smtp servers, so probably won't happen.

  2. I have found SPF to be pretty useful. Some ISPs, including Google, will reject emails if they don't validate with the spf record.
    Also SpamAssasssin comes with a spf plugin, so the spf check can be an input for the score.
    Adding an spf record on my domain, doesn't really reduce the spam that I get, but hopefully it will prevent spammer from using my domains as the from address for spam messages

  3. I have noticed that having SPF dramatically reduces the "backscatter" (spammers using random addresses from my domain and sending mails using those as return address and they getting bounced back to me) spam for me.


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