Wednesday, January 10, 2007


IphoneSo yesterday Apple announced the iPhone.  Personally, I want this device, but before I would purchase this, I would want some questions answered:

  1. How much would the Cingular charge for the data plan?  Potentially this would use a lot of network bandwidth.

  2. How usuable is the UI with a the touch screen, especially without feedback?  I didn't like our Philips Pronto as a remote, as you really couldn't use it without looking directly at it.

  3. How are the mail account settings configured on the device?  I don't want this device to check all of the mail accounts that I have configured on my Mac, but only a subset.

  4. How durable is the screen?  I normally keep my cell phone in my pocket.  Will the screen get scratched?

I just looked at my requirements for my ideal phone, and the iPhone is lacking in a few ways:

  • Can't install Gmail for mobile

  • Doesn't sync wireless over bluetooth

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