Thursday, May 25, 2006


Cm 03-SmI saw this post on the Home Theater blog about Wiretracks.  Wiretracks are mounting brackets for crown moulding, which also allows you to conceal wires behind the moulding.

I am going to order a set of these.  When we moved into our house, I mounted the surround speakers near the ceiling, but the wires are not concealed.  This will finish the work that is needed in this room.

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  1. but what if you have to fix a wire ???? you ll have to pull the crown down ..... cutting caulk , repainting set up times , repainting not worth it.

  2. that's the point... the wiretracks clips are a different way of attaching the crown molding... when you want to switch a wire you just pull the molding off the wall, and clip it back in when you're done... now if I could just find someone still selling them.


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