Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Presto Digital Delivery Service

About a week ago, Presto Services Inc. announced their Digital Delivery Service.  There are two parts to this.

  1. A photo printer that has a phone jack.  The printer will dial a service and download and print pictures that are waiting in a queue.

  2. A online service where photos can be sent to be printed by the device.  Also other device maintence can be performed on the web site.  (i.e. Checking the paper and ink quantity in the printer.)

This is intended to be used when the person who has the device doesn't have broadband access, or where the person doesn't want to manually receive an email containing the photos and print them out.

I personally am not interested in this for myself, but I could see buying one for family members that don't have a computer.  For example, we like sending photos to my Dad, and now we print them out and have them sent to him.  With this device, essentially from my computer, I can "print" the photos directly to his house.

[via Digital Experience Podcast]

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