Wednesday, May 18, 2005

more blog scraping

This is really annoying.  I noticed today that I had a new site that linked to my blog, according to Technorati.  I think that they picked my blog because I had a post that talked about light bulbs, and I guess that they are selling light bulbs.

But they are posting the articles that I have written on their site.  They are not doing this automatically, since their blog is running on Blogger.  They do have links to my blog, but the posts say that they are posted by "Ron".

They don't have any AdSense or any other ads on this page, so they are not trying to get direct revenue from the content.  But since this page does link to the page that actually sells the light bulbs, I think that they are trying increase their PageRank.

I have changed my configuration settings so that I will forbid any referrers from that web site.  So, people will not be able to see the images from web site, and they will not be able to like to my site.

I next want to find how this person is scraping my content, and block that.

1 comment:

  1. This seems to be a new problem I've been hearing about - blog plagarism. Amazing!


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