Saturday, May 14, 2005

Delicious Library

I tried and really like Delicious Library.  It is a library manager for all of your DVDs, CDs, books and games, just like DVDAttache.  It has a great polish. 

The one unique feature that it has is that it can use a firewire web cam to act like a barcode scanner.  This will allow items to be automatically imported, without any typing.  In addition to this, you can enter items with title, UPC, or ISBN searches.

Also, you can export the library to your ipod.  And they have added Spotlight indexing of the library.

One feature that is missing is html export.  You can export a tab delimited file, so it wouldn't be too hard to have a script convert this file to html.

I tried to get the barcode scanning to work with my USB web cam, but I don't think that the resolution is high enough.  This should work fine if I use our digital camcorder.

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