Sunday, December 11, 2022


 This weekend, I needed to backup a number of computers, and wipe them in preparation for recycling.  As I didn't want to disconnect the monitor and keyboard from my normal workstation, the PiKVM has been quite helpful.

The PiKVM is a raspberry pi based KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) device that allows you to control and view a computer over a network.  

I have been using the PiKVM for a while.  It has been especially helpful for setting up new computers, or managing some of the headless computers that I manage.  For backing up and wiping the computer, one of the PiKVM features has been very useful. 

The PiKVM has the ability to have images stored on the raspberry pi mounted on the connected computer.  I have a few linux distro images stored, that allows me to boot and manage connected computers.

The V4 version of the project has been announced, and should be launching soon on Kickstarter.

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