Sunday, October 24, 2010


I subscribe to a lot of content feeds.  I have over 700 subscribed feeds in Google Reader, and follow about 500 people in Twitter (I mainly use twitter to find interesting content).  I has gotten hard for me to sift through the content feed to find things that I am interested in.  my6sense is an interesting app/web service to read content.  It's goal it to make content that is relevant for you easier to find.  So far, I am impressed with how well it presents content that I am interested in.

When you first install the application, you either log into your my6sense account.  Then you can associate your Twitter, Google Buzz, and Facebook accounts with the application.  In addition to the social network feeds, you can also your Google Reader subscriptions into the applicaiton.  At that point, you are able to view the content from those various feeds, like any feed reader.

As you start to read & interact with the content, my6sense starts to build up an idea of what interests you.  It looks like the application take several things into account when determining what you are interested in:

  • Which articles you read vs which ones you skip over

  • Which ones you share with others.  (Since my6sense is a Twitter, Google Buzz, and Facebook client, you can share directly from the application.

  • Since the my6sense android application implements the ACTION_SEND intent, for the various social network services, I assume that sharing content though my6sense from other applications will affect my "interests".

I have spent about a week using the application, and the relevance ranking is pretty good.  Now I am maximizing the interesting content that I am reading, during the little time that I have to look for content.  Using my6sense has cause me to share more content, as I am reading more content that I am interested in, and want to share.

There are a few things that I would like to see added to my6sense:

  1. Since my6sense knows about my social network feeds, it should be able to use content that I share from outside my6sense to improve the list of content that is relevant to me.

  2. I should be able to log into the my6sense site and see and export that data that is use to generate my relevance rankings.  I wrote about that for other services before.

  3. I should be able to log into the my6sense site and augment the data that is used to generate my relevance rankings.


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