Sunday, September 19, 2010

On Friday, I heard about the service.  This service is supposed to make it easy to unsubscribe from mailing lists. I beloved that their service knows about the various mailing lost software commonly used,  and knows what actions are required to unsubscribe from a list managed by each.

Since the charge for the premium level of their service, I hope that they also will help unsubscribe from lists where manual steps are required.

I signed up for an account, and then when I got to the step where I needed to install the browser plugin, I stopped. The Chrome browser plugin requested permission to my data from I didn't see a way to restrict the access to one account. Since I can't verify what information it accesses, and there are certain accounts on which I want to make sure that no unauthorized access happen, I will not install the plugin.

What should do is create a Google Apps Marketplace application. Then I could install it on the account that I am interested in trying out the service, and none of the other accounts could be compromised.


  1. Paul, this is great feedback.

    The reason we haven't done a Google Apps Marketplace App (that's a mouthful) is a combination of items, including reach of the marketplace (it doesn't work with all Gmail accounts), and doesn't allow for the button to be inserted within the framework as our button is. That all being said, I'm sure we will build a version over the next few months as our goal is to integrate with as many email solutions as possible.

    Regarding your data, our button doesn't actually use any data directly without your permission. Because the app works on, Chrome alerts users to this and thus I can understand the concern. If you don't want our button to be aware of your additional accounts, just don't push the button within those accounts. Our button will ask for your Unsubscribe username/password solely for the purpose of adding that email address to the system so that we can tie it to an account. If you don't press the button within other accounts, we won't ask, and thus won't grab any data. Hope this helps a bit and we'd love to have you give it a try.

    Happy to discuss further!

    Joshua Roth
    Unsubscribe, Inc.

  2. although i was weary as you were - i've installed the plugin for they just came out with, and it killed the app completely - won't start. someone from their support is trying to figure out. but for the moment they have unsubscribed me from ALL email. ;)


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