Sunday, August 1, 2010

Xbox 360 in bedroom

A while ago, I mentioned that my wife bought me the new slim Xbox 360. I was trying to decide where I wanted to set up the old Xbox.  We have been using Linksys Media Center Extenders on each of the other TVs around the house, to give them access to the content on the Media Center.  But the Linksys extenders do not support other content like Netflix streaming.

I decided to set up the Xbox in our bedroom.  (And got the OK from my wife too.)  I have configured it to automatically start up in Media Center Extender mode when the Xbox starts up.  Since I want to access our Netflix streaming account from the Xbox, I created a Xbox Live Gold account for the Xbox, and associated my Netflix account to this Xbox account.

With this setup, I can access:

  • Live and Recorded TV from the Media Center

  • Netflix streaming content

  • DVD content

  • Content from the Zune Video marketplace

  • Hulu, Youtube, and other internet streaming content through the PlayOn server running on the Media Center

Also, we will be able to play games on this Xbox.  (Most likely only when my wife has her woman's group over)

Microsoft announced that they are implementing a Xbox Live Gold family plan type this November.  I am planning on setting up one of those plans, and associating this account with family plan.

I am hope the family plan will let me:

  • Share one pool of Xbox Live points, with the a subset of the associated accounts that I specify.

  • Allow all associated accounts to have access to content licensed to the main account. (This would allow content purchased by the main account to be played on a different Xbox with one of the other associated Xbox Live accounts)

  • Sync all accounts associated with the Xbox Live family account to all associated Xbox 360s, including all saved game state for each accounts.


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