Friday, February 26, 2010

CloudBerry Backup for WHS [updated]

HP appears to have dropped support for their online backup add-in for Window Home Server, HP created their online backup software for the ex47x and ex48x MediaSmart servers, but now are promoting other backup services for their current line of servers.  Their add-in used Amazon S3 for storage.  I have used JungleDisk on my desktop machines to backup, so I am pretty used to that storage system.  But since it that HP probably not continuing development, I wanted to find a solution to have an offsite backup for some of the files on the server, that would continue to be supported.

I am trying CloudBerry Backup for Windows Home Server.  This is very similar to HP's online backup add-in and the old JungleDisk Windows Home server.  CloudBerry lets you pick any share or a connected drive to backup.  Also you can set a time range when backups can happen.

I did have a problem after setting this up.  I has some paths on some of the shares that were too long for Windows (These were copied from my linux computer).  When CloudBerry encountered this error, it listed the error in the error email that was sent.

I will probably pay for CloudBerry Backup once the trial is over


  1. Hey Paul!

    Thanks so much for making a post about CloudBerry Backup in your blog!


  2. Just a note that HP has informed me that they continue to support the HP Online Backup Add-In for the EX47x and EX48x servers, they just aren't making it available for the EX49x or DataVault. The new KeepVault partnership is offered to all MediaSmart Server and DataVault owners.

  3. Hi, Paul --

    Thanks for posting this; I was just about to start exploring online backup options, so it's good timing for me. I haven't found an affordable online service for my 500GB of documents, pictures, and music, so I"m wondering how you handle this. Most WHS users seem to backup just a subset of their content, which to me defeats the point. If you pay for CloudBerry after the trial ends, how do you plan to approach this issue?


  4. I use CloudBerry for the documents that are in the Users directories. I don't use it for photos, as I upload all of our photos to either flickr or Picassa. I also, am not worried about our video or music content, as I can re-rip the DVDs or CDs. (And I tend to burn DVDs with the music content that I purchase online)


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