Monday, August 31, 2009

Parental Controls and SqueezeCenter

We have installed Squeezebox Booms in each of the kids' rooms.  This works great to be able to access all of our music in their rooms.  The kids like it as the presets are set to various childrens music, so they can easily listen to any of their music.

The problem is that our son is starting to explore our music. Some of the content is rated as "explicit", and we really would not want him coming across the music.  Now I am going to try and find a solution that would let me specify a list of artists that shouldn't appear on a given Squeezebox.  If this doesn't exist, I will look at writing a plugin to create this.


  1. Did you ever find a solution to this? I am looking for the same capability before my daughters figure out how to do more than just push random buttons.

  2. I have found a partial solution.

    1) For the Sirius internet radio, I configured the kids' squeezeboxes to not show the explicit channels.
    2) For Pandora, I have created a new free Pandora account that doesn't allow for explicit music, and have configured their squeezeboxes for that account.

    I haven't found a good solution for our local music though.


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