Saturday, August 16, 2008

WHS Download Manager

Our Windows Home Server is running all of the time, so I would love to use this machine as a way to download large files, especially when I am not at home.  I thought that WHS Download Manager would do exactly that I want.  This Add-In allows you to specify urls to be downloaded and where to download the files to.  Unfortunately, the only way to access this is trough the Windows Home Server Console.  So, if I wanted to start a download when I am not at home, I need to vpn into my network, and then rdp into my server.

I am thinking that uTorrent and the Windows Home Server Add-In would be a better solution, at least for torrent files. At least with this solution would allow me to use a web browser to start the downloads.

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  1. I tried the Windows Home Server Download Manager (WHSDM) too. Apart from the fact that I couldn't get a download requiring a login to work, it is very cumbersome going through the console. Try Free Download Manager instead. Run the 'Download Server' service on your WHS and you can add a download via the web interface from anywhere in the world.
    It has Bittorrent support as well...


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