Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Phone

My wife is getting frustrated with her Windows Mobile base Palm 700w, so we were thinking about getting her one of the new 3G iPhones when they come out.  Since she would be need to switch to AT&T, I would switch at the same time. 

Though, I do like the iPhone, I don't think that it would work for me.  There are still several features that I would still to have:

  • Qwerty keyboard (hard buttons)

  • Ability to tether to a computer to allow the computer to use that network connection

  • MMS support.

I am thinking that I would go with the AT&T Tilt, Blackberry Curve 8310 or potentially an unlocked phone that I would get somewhere else.

This Google Andriod video has me interested in this as an option, even though there isn't a query keyboard.

1 comment:

  1. Just curious, Paul, but what value do you put on MMS? Do you use them often? With the iPhone's full Gmail access via Safari, plus other mail clients, MMS seems like an orphan in the middle of SMS and SMTP. Haven't missed it on the iPhone one bit.


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