Sunday, April 6, 2008

MSN Direct

I have been using the Nuvi 680 for several months.  One of the reasons that I bought it was for the traffic information provided by MSN Direct.  I have been unimpressed with the quality of the data.  There are several problems:

  1. There are many areas that don't have coverage.  For example, when driving from San Jose to Sacramento, as soon as we left the local area there was no coverage. Unfortunately, we encountered a traffic delay that we could have been routed around.

  2. Many of the roads that I travel on to and from work are not included in the MSN Direct data.  I only have seen information on interstates and state and US highways.

  3. The data seems to be stale. I have had many occasions when the Nuvi stated that there was a delay, when the delay had already cleared up.

I think that the Dash Express could present better data, but I still have some reservations.

  • It doesn't have bluetooth.

  • The form factor doesn't really lend well for a portable unit.  I can slip the Nuvi into my pocket when I take it from my car. 

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