Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jungle Disk 1.50a

Jungle Disk version 1.50a has been released.  This release includes some pretty cool features.

  1. File upload resume

  2. Block-level file updates

  3. Native linux integration using FUSE

Some of the features require a Jungle Disk Plus subscription.  They are currently giving away a free year subscription, if you sign up before the 15th.  After that, the subscription is $1 a month.

I had some problems getting the linux integration to work.  First, I had to make sure that the user that launched Jungle Disk was added to the fuse group.  Then I had to make sure that the mount directory was writable by the fuse group.

sudo adduser pwestbro fuse
sudo mkdir /media/jungledisk
sudo chgrp fuse /media/jungledisk
sudo chmod g+w /media/jungledisk

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