Saturday, November 10, 2007


I just heard of reCAPTCHA.  This is a very interesting spin on CAPTCHAs.  Accoring to their web site, 60 million captchas are solved every day.  reCAPTCHA uses part of the effort to "scan" books.

 A reCAPTCHA captcha contains a word that OCR didn't find a match when scanning books from the Internet Archive.  In addition to the word that is not recognized, a successfully scanned word is displayed.  The captcha is considered successfully entered if the known word is entered, and then the answer for the unknown word is added to a database. If enough people enter an unknown word with the same answer, then the probability of the answer being correct goes up.

There are several plugins for blogging systems, as well as a PHP api


  1. Hi Paul
    Indeed a nice idea to protect against spam.
    In case you didn't see the commit yesterday: We do already have a working plugin for LifeType in our repository and an article in the wiki. The download may not work yet, I'm afraid.

  2. I saw your checkin for this plugin, and that is what prompted me to look at reCAPTCHA.
    For others who may be interested, here is the wiki page for the LifeType plugin:


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